I Ludicrus

Did you know that Julius Caesar made January 1, the first day of the year in 46BC. England didn’t adopt that idea till 1752!

This was never a game that could be acused of being too ambitious. From the 3 (unplayable) opponents, the 1 arena, repetitive sound effects & limited selection of moves. This game probably shouldn’t have made my list full stop.

The awful collision detection was the only thing that even kept the 2 player game “interesting”. Leaving a decidedly frustrating 1 player experience. Thankfully the whole game could be finished in 10 minutes.

All the same it caught my attention as a child, the graphics (for the day) were fantastic. So good in fact that the box stated it depicted “actual in-game footage” on it! In the end they weren’t enough to save the game from historical obscurity.


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