Sonic the Hedgehog

The worlds fastest hedgehog. In 1990 Sega demanded a mascot form thier in-house guys AM8. Little did they know they would soon be re-named after their creation, to the “Sonic team”.

Originally he was coloured blue to be just like Sega’s logo. Strangely he started off life with fangs & a human girlfriend called Madonna?!

It was a game changer [literally], not only were we given an alternative to the “fat plumber”. The speed we were introduced to also came with momentum based physics, bouncing, springing & loop the loops..

Though his transition to 3D was a bumpy one, the 2011 Sonic Generations cleverly combined the gameplay of the earlier days with stunning modern graphics. Sonic’s games have gone on [over more than 20 years!] to sell over 84 million copies!



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