Barbarian: the ultimate warrior – Death Sword

This was my first taste of one on one battle, with the unforgettable head kicking goblin.

Originally for the C64, it’s creator Steve Brown set out to make a fighting game that was both brutal & realistic. Taking influences from the paintings of “Frank Frazetta”.

They spent months devising 16 moves, which were filmed then traced cells & translated into huge sprites (massive for the hardware of the day). Filming themselves to get the animation fluid & realistic.

The games’s box featured a scantily clad page 3 model [Maria Whittaker] wearing not much more than she normally did. This had parents up & screaming about the game, completely ignoring the blood & decapitation?! Of course all the press coverage actually helped sales.

Sound samples were used throughout the game [which was unheard of in 1987]. What most people don’t know is they’re taken from the film Red Sonja!



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