Monkey Island 2 – LeChuck’s Revenge

The second in the series of Guybrush’s point & click adventures. It was made using the (strangely named) SCUMM game tool that was originally developed for Maniac Mansion.

The well tailored hero returned with similarly witty banter & more stunningly painted backdrops, only this time it was bigger, much bigger.

There was also an Amiga version that was released to thunderous applause by the reviewers, despite the on screen colours palette being reduced to 32 (from 256) & the game being delivered on 11 floppy disks!

Ron Gilbert left Lucasarts after this game & later stated that the direction Guybrush had taken was nothing like what he’d planned for our plundering protagonist.

The game had a HD re-make in 2010, Lucasarts went to town, updating much more than just the graphics. New sound & an update to many parts of the original that had aged badly.


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