Sensible Soccer

The way football used to look. A legendary game, it brought us phenomenal aftertouch & more teams than you knew existed (over 1500 teams!).

It was almost called “Virgin soccer”?! (though appropriate, i doubt it wouldn’t have helped much with sales).

The brainchild of Sensible Software. It went on to win award after award, being perfected over the 1990’s. Being given 96% in two Amiga magazines, the highest scores ever dealt by either magazine!

Sensible World of Soccer (1994) was even listed as one of the “Ten Most Important Video Games of All Time” by Stanford University!

Sensible Software had great sense of humour, they produced many parodies of their games. Cannon Soccer, where the ball would explode after a time! Moon soccer, with low gravity & aliens! Even an unSensible Soccer which consisted of apples v oranges. All given away for free on magazines cover disks.



sensible soccer wallpaper

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  1. great art for a great game.

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