It’s time to save the kids again, in this case donning the black robes of a Ninja..

A clasic game that that introduced a few new things to us, from complicated ai (revolutionary at the time, the bad guys would duck to reload) though to multiple layered level design (borrowing a little from Rolling Thunder)..

The game produced a few well received sequels over the years & it was later revealed that protaganist was the father of Alex Kid! With our ninja looking pretty normal i can only presume the mother in the equation was slightly less than model material.

Interesting fact- Real ninjas didn’t wear black like we’re taught by films. The back costumes were actually from the Edo stage theatre. Prop assistants would remain unseen by wearing black. So it was logical to show an assassins as wearing [the now understood] invisible outfits!

shinobi wallpaper

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  1. Really liked what you had to say in your post, How Games Used To Look » Shinobi, thanks for the good read!
    — Ronald

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