Street Fighter 2

Capcom’s best selling game of all time, it may well be one of the most influential as well.

Thought it re-invented itself more times than Madonna & Lady Gaga put together. It’s easy to forget that in a grubby arcade in 1991 we were introduced the combo mechanic. Gone were the days of lucky button bashing (well almost). This new way of fighting was down to two things, firstly the button technology got better & secondly [& brilliantly, there was a bug in] the original code that allowed one move to be initiated during another.

The original featured 8 playable characters & 4 bosses. Balrog the boxer was originally called M.Bison, Mike Bison. But was changed outside of Japan to avoid legal problems with the similarly named real life boxer.

Some interesting facts: Pretty boy Vega, started out life as a English Knight (how cool would that have been). While Dhalsim was originally to have 6 arms & Guile’s upside down kick was a bug that got turned into a signature move!?



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  1. Since none of these comments seem to be about the comtent…

    Just found this site today.
    I love Street Fighter II, love the wallpapaer, and love your site HGUTL.

    Thanks. 😉

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