Donkey Kong Country

In 1981 Nintendo set out to make a Popeye game, but the licence failed. Undeterred Shigeru Miyamoto decided to create a similar love triangle (including an certain ape from a 1933 film). It involved a princess, a plumber & a monkey! And a legend was born.

The name Donkey Kong came about as Mr Miyamoto believed it translation to be “stupid ape”. So 13 years later & with the advances in technology we were in the shoes of said ape. It ended up being the 2nd best selling SNES game ever.

Though the graphics may look a little dated now, they were beyond cutting edge in their day. It was one of the first games ever to use pre-rendered 3d characters. British developer Rare would have gone bankrupt [from the SGi graphics machines] if this game hadn’t or worked out. They went on to use a similar process for the fighting game Killer Instinct.


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