Duck Hunt

Basically a light-gun game, where you could shoot ducks or clay pigeons.

Probably the most iconic part the game was the annoying dog, he would laugh at you when you failed to hit your target. He was a rarity for nintendo. A character who’s sole purpose was to mock your failure!

There was an urban legend that you could shoot the dog. Which was actually true. Nintendo re-released Nes games back into the arcade (in their Vs. series). The graphically superior coin eater had a bonus level, where the dog was jumping around while you try to shoot as many ducks as you could. If you hit the dog the bonus stage ended. Well worth it!

In the end it was very repetitive & the 3 game modes just weren’t enough to save it.

It did became a legend, although that was partly down to it being re-packaged in a double pack with Mario. That & the novelty of holding a gun, a brilliantly awesome gun.

I made two versions of this image, one with the hud from the game, the other image without..




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