Originally our protagonists name was Mr Video & he was a carpenter by trade!?

The story began when Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto working on a game about a mistreated pet (Donkey Kong), who climbed a building site with his owners (kidnapped) girlfriend. Got that?

Mr Video’s name changed when a novel game dynamic was added. “What would you do if a barrel was rolling towards you?” and so Jumpman was born (He wasn’t called Mario till a year later when the games sequel was released).

Now over 200 video game appearances later his penultimate name is attributed to a Mr Mario Segale. The landlord of the Nintendo warehouse in the US who had demanded back rent with the success of Donkey Kong!

These are the original sketches of possibly the most famous plumber ever..


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  2. Suddenly it all makes sense, if you view Mario through a purely DK lens… like, the hammers etc. Though I’d have thought maybe more of a riveter/metalworker given the building site environment and how one of the levels has you taking out pins between girders…

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