This one shouldn’t need much of an introduction, as i’m sure it’s where a lot of us learnt to drive! Outrun won many awards in 1986, selling over 200,000 arcade cabinets around the world that year alone!

One of the innovations of the game was a car stereo, it had a choice of 3 stations represented by 3 lit buttons on the dash of the cabinet.

The Ferrari [evidently the car in the game, even down to the horse logo] wasn’t licensed at all, bringing the two companies to court many times.

The designer [Yu Suzuki] got the idea for the game from the 1981 film “the Cannonball Run”. When the project got the green light, he took off & spent several weeks driving round Europe looking for inspiration for the scenery.

He later described his game as the first “driving simulator”!


outrun arcade wallpaper

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