P.O.W – Prisoners of War

After escaping from the cell with some well concealed explosives?! Snake (& a possible cell mate, Bart) set about “double dragoning” their way through the prison camps guards. Kicks & fists most the way, as guns were strangley rare.

Though the gameplay was hindered by the prisoners slow walking. The game came to life when you did manage to steal a gun. Not only were they heavily effective at dispatching bud guys, you could also pistol whip the guards thus conserving bullets (a great idea).

Of course there were quirks. A game rule in the 80’s: you couldn’t hold a knife without throwing it!? Though there was some great grenade friendly fire with bad guys blowing up their own comrades. Lastly it was hard not to take it personally when some bad guys just walked off screen & decided never to come back.

While definitely flawed, this was still a great little exercise in prison escape.


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