Rainbow Islands

The sequel to Bubble Bobble, it also started off in arcades before eventually blasting into homes..

Bubby & Bobby were transformed back into boys at the end of the first game. Now bad guys have invaded their home world, invoking 10 levels of vertical climbing rainbow baddie bashing, while the threat of drowning keeps you moving.

It had the music “over the rainbow” from “wizard of oz” removed from later versions dodging possible copyright infringements.

It was actually a much deeper game than it first appeared, with incentives, bonus rewards & very clever bosses. That said, after success in the arcades the home version nearly never happened, with the liquidation of the publisher mid production.

Frustratingly the Master System version shipped with a glitch. Well by glitch i mean it was not possible to complete the game, at all!



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  1. THAT F$*&!!ING SPIDER!!!

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