Super Wonderboy

The original TomTom, & this caveman knew where he was going! A side scrolling platform game that hit the arcades with both colour & action (even if it was a little repetitive).

Once more there was a damsel in distress. This time you had to brave the wastes to rescue her with stone axes & skateboards to help speed you on your way. Occasionally there was even an egg dwelling fairy that would gift you with invincibility, when freed!

In true game logic, if you collected all 28 secret dolls & you would be given access to a secret extra level..

There was a very similar game released on the NES. The producers of the game [Escape] decided to make a version for Nintendo, but SEGA owned the Wonderboy brand. So they made “Adventure Island”, the same game but with a little [sunburnt red headed] man wearing a baseball cap & what appeared to be a tash!

Super Wonderboy wallpaper

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