Tactical Gladiator – Veigues

This is a rare one, only released for the PC engine / TurboGrafx 16 (of which i could only find 94 in total). Spread over 10 stages of post alien apocalyptic devastation. You got to dish out some robotic retribution to the aliens that laid waste to your planet.

In efforts to pack as much on a d-pad as possible it looks like concessions we’re made with the controls, but this isn’t the case. For example most people we’re unaware that you had a mutli-directional vulcan cannon, accessible by holding A & B at the same time.

Over the game you could develop your mech, if you didn’t have too much damage to repair. You could literally loose your head (a non fatal injury). Arms were actually a worse loss as that’s where your main weaponry was!

A game that was ahead of it’s time to the point where many didn’t understand it!


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