Final Fight

Here is another legend.. From all the way back in 1989 if you can believe that!

Side scrolling beat em ups didn’t get much better than this. Choosing from the three main characters (one being the Mayor) you and a friend could battle your way through the criminality of Metro City, in an effort to save Jessica.

Originally it was called Street Fighter ’89, but had it’s name changed before release as Capcom’s head office said it was “nothing like Street Fighter”.

The game borrows heavily from the 1984 cult film Streets of Fire (a Walter Hill film). Borrowing the sorry line & even the name of the hero of the film Cody.

For the Super Ninetedo version the two girls [Roxy & Posion] were replaced with men, over fears they we’re transvestites!? (not at all what i was thinking, as a 12 year old boy!).

Final fight wallpaper

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  1. Check this out, i found a mad playable remix of Final Fight..

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