Golden Axe

This one needs no introduction, from the music to kicking the midgets, iconic. Not forgetting the introduction of the “scantily clad” pixelated female, to many a young boy..

The game made by Makoto Uchida who was on a roll, having made Altered Beast the year before. He was admittedly a fan of the Conan films, which showed through in the game, to it’s benefit.

Choosing from a barbarian, a dwarf or an Amazon, all on a quest for revenge. You had to despatch an entire army on the way to defeat the ultimate evil, Death Adder (who had stolen the Golden Axe as well as the King & Queen!).

Each of the 3 main characters had different magic that was literally kicked out of sprites in between levels! There were also steeds in the form of walking dragons or the interestingly named Cockatrace (that had been an enemy in Altered Beast).

Golden Axe wallpaper

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