After watching Wreck it Ralph (a great film by the way) I thought i’d dust off the one of the games the film nods it’s hat to. Even one of monsters was called Ralph!

Simple in design, yet perfectly thought out. It had 128 cities to smash, trash & generally reduce to rubble how ever you fancied with one or all of the 3 titanic monsters the game had on offer. 3 certainly wasn’t  a crowd in this case as the 3 player arcade machine was more fun than a blindfold, a bottle of vodka & a game of crazy golf..

Unfortunately Midway succumbed to bankruptcy a few years back & went into liquidation. Warner Bros bought the assets & are now planning on making a film of this game!



rampage wallpaper

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    • I was most fond of Rampage on the NES. I remember staying up for 5 hours straight playing every single damned state until I conquered them all. And what did I get for my hardwork? “Congratulations”. LOL good times.

  1. My favorite videogame saga! Movie start shooting in march 2017. Can’t wait for a new chapter too!

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